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June 24, 2011


Dupont Circle bar debuts 48-ounce cocktail

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Colleen Kelleher)


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Somewhere, Sen. Kennedy is weeping that he did not live to see his dream become reality.

Sounds and looks like a cocktail punch bowl.

"How many drinks did you have?"
"Ossifer, I jusht had two dr...(snore)".

And America rejoices, for real this time.

Steve have you angered the spamming gods? I hope this drink comes with a very large aspirin.

To the blog guys, and gals, Dupont is the gayer part of DC, so if you go to this bar, walk down the street, and turn into the Fireplace, you'll see a lot of leather. NTTAWT.

I know this because my Sunday night AA meeting was across the street from the Fireplace. We once brought a new guy who was a little homophobic (in the way that Mr Blog is a little humorous) to the meeting and when he saw the scene across the street...

Dupont Circle certainly is one of the (ahem) trendier areas of town. Great for people watching, as wiredog alluded to as well.

I'm waiting for the 2 for 1 specials night. (little pricey at $79.99)

for drinks, LeDud? Or did the subject just go to NTTAWWT land?

My daughter and SIL live about a half mile from there. I'll have to try two or three of them investigate next time I'm there.

Sniff, sniff. Layzeeboy is so selfless. Always willing to take one for the blog.

I've had a 48oz Margarita before, but there's juice and stuff in there... A 48oz martini would put even me under the table!

Also... Dupont Circle is known with the "trendier" types as "The Fruit Loop".

Former Representative Weiner might take a snapshot of that big cocktail and tweet it as his own.

Make mine a double.

It's good to know our dedicated law makers can get their favorite Big Gulp.

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