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June 13, 2011


I’ve been buying up the entire “24” series on DVD,
since I’ve been missing it not being on TV.

Now, I’m finding the shows are nowhere nearly
as entertaining as being able to have Dave’s
“running commentary” during the show.

Since subtitles are available, and the DVD
series are probably due for a refresh, is there
any possibility they can do a box set which
includes Dave’s commentary in the subtitles?

Dave Roe


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Ask your local retailer for the special unlock code that lets you see the Dave Edition. The key to getting the code is to take hostages.

Yes, take the hostages to the zoo, then dinner. Then set up a perimeter and call us in the morning.


Maybe they can get Charlie Sheen to do a show called " 23 " with an hour built in for him to look at himself in the mirror.


Chloe Kardashian?

Dave is the new MST3K, only with more toilet and booger jokes.

I think the DVD's with Dave's commentary are in the secret underground tunnel that goes to the White House. I don't know where that is but CTU is easy to find. It has a giant flashing arrow in the front so the bad guys can easily find it. DON'T go to the CTU clinic! You'll die.
I do agree with Dave Roe. I miss our live blogging of 24!

i like it!
sell it as 'A Very Barry 24' - kinda like 'A Very Brady Christmas',
only more dysfunctional

I smell another Pulitzer!

Needs to have Steve on there, too.

I was going to have a gin year.....maybe sloe gin and fruity stuff....everytime a perimeter was established. But alas, no more.

*agrees w/ elon* - an Amazing Very Barry 24

Yep.... I do miss "24".

28: Jack Bauer gets older and slower.

I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty.
I feel pretty and witty,
and dead...

Google pics caught Dave and Jack wearing pirate outfits and thigh-stabbing guards at Buckingham Palace. What's that all about, Judi?

This is actually plausible. At least with comments.

Many media player programs will play back .srt subtitle files, which are just text files with a special format.

One could write a script to convert the comment-posting time to time-in-episode (with a little jiggery-pokery for ad breaks) and get the comments showing roughly as they were posted.

Dave's commentary would take a little more work as they weren't timestamped. You would have to get the time-in-file of each update from Dave. You could crowd-source this labour using a wiki, though. If you wanted it badly enough.

Or am I taking this too seriously?

Hogsate? Who took my outfit?

Not "ARRRH!" but rather "BRRRR!"


If they would have listened to Dave, it would have been called 9 1/2 weeks.
Or not.

My apologies to the "Amazing Steve!"
Of course, he should have his own subtitle track.

I love the "Easter Egg" idea as well.

If anyone (Chloe?) manages to set this up, I volunteer to help with the timestamp/transcription!

I can't look at Gregory Itzin without thinking: "Hey! President Handbag!"...

I wonder if iphone repair guy would pick up and repost "I'm an idiot."

Out of desperation we began watching all the episodes of "24" again. It isn't as good without the blog. We make 'blog' comments back and forth but it's not the same. What is the same is that Kim is still just as annoying and that sets us off howling "Aaauuugghhhdrie!!!!!" Is this what entertainment has come to now? Sigh......best line of last episode was "Jack, you ever notice that a high body count follows you wherever you go?" But not a single thigh shot so far........

Very good show. Jack Bauer is one of the best characters in the history of television! He is my favorite actor. You can Watch 24 Episodes online for free.


Not that I'd ever encourage such a thing, but I'm told you can watch movies that are currently out at the movies...wait for it...online. *not that I'd know where those sites are because I'm not a teenager*

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