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June 29, 2011


Now: Kudzu.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Why did it have to be in North Carolina? Can you spray Jesus with Round Up? No but I will definitely spray kudzu with Round Up. If you have never been to the south kudzu covers everything and is almost impossible to kill. My grandpa use to tell me that someday kudzu was going to take over the world.

So now do we say Kudzu, Son and Holy Ghost? Father, Kudzu, Holy Ghost? Does Cindy have to get her Roundup blessed by her priest before she can kill Jesus with it? If Cindy goes to Hell, will she still be able to comment on the blog?

I'm thinkin' more like a gymnast doing the iron cross. That you can kill with RoundUp.

Wingnut, don't forget I am an Angel Of Mercy. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I bid $26,000 and a Jesus, grilled cheese sandwich with a little bite out of it.

I will NOT comment or say that someone needs to trim Jesus's bush. Nope. Never.

*cranks up the weed wacker & jumps into handbasket*

Weed better be good.

Fruit of the vine

An American marine from Fort Bragg brought some with him to Iraq, just to teach them a lesson.

This calls for divine intervention.

Well, kudzu, like Jesus, is very difficult to keep dead.


Bless you.

Looks like a Wandering Jew.

God bless the Marines!!! I think we had another sister, but she got 'et by the kudzu in FL.

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