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June 24, 2011


Porcupine man pleads guilty to stabbing at birthday party

(Thanks to Poker)


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I heard those quills are nasty to remove.

Okay, was this a flying horse or a porcupine? Or some drunk guy with a knife? dang is it ever gonna get to be five o'clock.

Man stabs porcupine. Now that would be a news story

Either I've had a small stroke or that story makes absolutely no sense. Is he from the town of Porcupine?

nc: yes

"[Porcupine, ND] was included in the 2010 Census, where a population of 146 was reported."

No, NC, he's Superhero Porcupine Man, disguised as his alter ego, Flying Horse.

What would you expect a porcupine to do?

Perhaps they are filming Horse of Flying Quills. (redneck remake of House of Flying Daggers)?

North Dakota is too close to Canada for its own good.

I visited a Sioux family in Porcupine in the 80's. It was a decrepit town on the Pine River Reservation, with ticky-tacky government-issue houses in various states of disrepair. Shannon County is the second-poorest in the U.S., with all the associated social problems. We kicked the Sioux off their land, stole their resources, and left them in the badlands. They still welcomed me with buffalo meat.

Yes, there was a dead porcupine on the road, and yes I did pick it up at the request of my host who wanted the quills. I'm sorry to be a wet blanket, but there's not much humor in this story other than the title.

Such is the result of losing a war. I know it well, being a Southerner.

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