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June 30, 2011


A MAN waved a knife at hospital staff and threatened to cut out his own tumour after becoming frustrated at long waiting times, a court has been told.

We're on his side:

The court heard Bool had been on the waiting list for 18 months before being called in to the hospital on June 28 last year for the elective surgery.

Defence barrister, Eoin Mac Giolla Ri, said his client had sat in the waiting room for several hours wearing nothing but a hospital gown.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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And who can blame him?

The only thing is: when he was escorted from the hospital they did allow him to get dressed first, right?

Go ahead! Cut your own tumor out! We're still going to charge you the waiting room fees and for any band-aids you might need. There's also a fee for the hospital gown and cleaning up any blood. Most people don't realize the operation is free. It's the fees that will kill you. When I was in the hospital the first time for my back I took my own pain medicine from home with me. Unfortunately the nurses, my so called friends, knew me well enough to know I would do this so the first thing they did was ask for them. I'm not an addict just notoriously cheap. Have you seen what they charge for a couple of Tylenol?

Back in 1974, I went to the doctor to have a "pimple" removed. He said he'd just give me some antibiotic cream for it.
I said it'd been there for six weeks and if he didn't want to take it out, there were other doctors in town.
He complied, ungraciously.
Cancer. Luckily, it hadn't spread.
Listen to your instincts. Sometimes they don't know squat. Sometimes they do.

Smart move. He'll probably get it removed much more quickly at the prison hospital. No charge, either.

House? Are you in the bathtub again?

LOL at Cindy-- I pulled a similar stunt. I already had filled a prescription for post-surgery pain medication so even though the "block" started wearing off in the recovery room, I declined the offer of a pain pill, thinking it would no doubt cost more than the whole bottle I had at home.

Back to the story, I wonder if he has to wait another 18 months for the psychiatric treatment.

And finally, are there no conservatives reading this? where are the comments about Obamacare?

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