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June 30, 2011


An Oregon man on a flight to Alaska this month was stung by a scorpion that authorities say likely boarded the jet during a stop at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport


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I want to know how he got the scorpion past TSA

I saw Stowaway Scorpion open for Ozzy Osbourne.

This is no surprise - did you see the idiot who flew from JFK to LA using someone's expired boarding pass?

Here's the story.

The guy was Nigerian. Maybe he was bringing Dave his multi-million dollar bank account and got lost.

Austin scorpions watch KEYE and start their days with spunk.

Let's see, bring a barking scorpion on a plane and get miles and a free ticket. There are a lot of those scorpions around here in Austin. It was probably pissed that TSA groped it's private parts.

I dunno, Jeff. Seems to me the real idiots are the TSA agent that checked his ID and boarding pass, and the flight attendants that apparently didn't notify the authorities when they detected the fake.

The scorpion had a boarding pass? Whoa, Austin IS weird.

Next time I'm sneaking a nasty bug on the plane with me so I can score free flights.

Better a scorpion than William Shatner looking out the window screaming.

They didn't have enough money to do a re-make of "Snakes on a Plane."

10:32! But I just got back from work. Man, this time delay is going to take some getting used to.

Wonder if this is considered carry on luggage?

Most grandmothers teach the grandkids about flowers and cookies. The first thing I remember mine telling me is to shake out my shoes before I put them on.
Scorpions liked shoes because they were cool, dark, and protected.
And she told me the scorpion on the window ledge wouldn't bother me if I didn't bother it. Just get a towel and move it outside.
Nan was a great grandmother in several senses of the words.

Bark Scorpions can climb walls and squeeze through 1/16 inch cracks. We need smaller TSA inspectors.

The scorpion had less than 3 oz of venom, so they didn't see it as a threat.

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