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June 29, 2011


Naked Wausau man arrested after defecating in woman's garage

(Thanks to dasfhak)


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It's her own fault for putting the little crescent moon decoration on the garage door.

She got her revenge, though, when he mistook the roll of duct tape for toilet paper.

Before anyone else brings it up, I should mention that while it is true that a blood alcohol level 0.37 percent is indeed more than four times the legal limit for driving, in Wisconsin it is only about twice the average.

Since he said he thought he was at home it would be a good idea to stay out of his real garage.

Exactly my thought, Emmett.

Officers made O’Neil sit on a plastic sheet inside a squad car, Pankow said.

“This is one of those days when you can’t get paid enough,” Pankow said of the three officers who responded to the scene.

Amen to that.

I'm guessing he's single, ladies.

And he might look something like this.

Any resemblance to padraig is purely coincidental.

"All units -- we have a #2 in progress. . ."

It just works better that way. Is there anyone here who does not remove his (or her) pants before going to the bathroom?
If there is, please keep it to yourself.

Snork @ padraig and apologies for immediately thinking of him when I read this story.

Jeff, you're just jealous because you don't get to date Wisconsin supermodels like her. Hubba hubba.

O’Neil later was apologetic to officers, and said he thought he was at his home, police said.

Be very careful where you step, if you go ANYWHERE inside his house.

Wausau-- one of the few Wisconsin town/city names that's pronounced the same way in the original language.

Mazar, so what DOES "Wazoo" mean in Ho-Chunk, anyway?

We also have "Beloit" which was named after the sound of a marble dropped into a toilet.

at least he didn't have to pull his pants up.

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