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June 30, 2011


A woman overcomes her fear of bananas. Apparently by beating them up.


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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What about a pointed stick?

"Supposin' 'e's got a gun?"

Somethin' about that shape that just makes a girl wanna kick sumpin'.

Maybe she was allergic. Anybody consider that possible-ility?

Bananas don't bother me but pineapples are another matter.

"...bullies chased her round the playground brandishing bananas."

Is that what they call it now?

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Or at least sexual harassment.

Alliterative, anyway.

Is she a Page 3 girl with a difference?

Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

When my younger brother was little he was afraid of bananas. Which was fun for me. I used to hide them in his bed and he would scream until someone changed the sheets, usually I had to change the sheets as I'd caused the problem, but I didn't mind.

"Yes! We have no bananaaaass....."

paging mr cleese, paging mr cleese....

I dislike bananas because after about two hours, a discarded banana peel starts smelling, to me, like really cheap whiskey.
This is strange because I have no objection to really cheap whiskey.
Does anyone else think they smell like booze?

Wanna see my banana?

It's just because redheads can't wear yellow. Deep breaths: "Love the sallow. Love the sallow."

Interesting side note: at the end of the interview, the reporter caused her to shriek by producing a grapefruit.

Funny, I just developed a fear of bananas. Do you realize they're not an actual fruit that might be found in the wild? They're forcibly crossbred between two different plants. It's . . . unnatural.

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