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June 28, 2011



I received this great business opportunity today. You've had some good ones, but I think I have you beat.

-Corey Smith

Dear company - Honorable Mr. President.
Have a nice day. Please be on the five-minute attention.
 I am a diver. Dive around. 32 years. But the skill in filling in the open air, I neither engage in make-fast = make-fast so I tweaked. Now it is filling the air make-fast safer and easier.
My reason for the letter:
- I offer you improve your boya
- I have an idea of the contract
Mr President, if you are interested, Please Enter me.


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President Clinton could not be reached for comment.

"Please enter me?" Why, I...I...I don't even KNOW you!

Google Translate does this in French: " - Je vous offre à améliorer votre Boya"

Interesting that Google capitalizes "Boya". Google also notes that the word means "paint" in Turkish. So maybe he wants to paint your house, using his premiere diving and air-filling skills.

I'd Boya that for a dollar.

"I am a diver. Dive around. 32 years."

Ha! Love that cadence. Doesn't sound like a hustler at all.

We haven't heard from diverdowndoc for quite awhile. Not that I am suggesting anything.

Mr President, if you are interested, Please Enter me

My make-fast doesn't need tweaking.

I neither engage in make-fast = make-fast so I tweaked.

Sounds suspiciously like Florence Henderson IYKWIM.

Sounds kinky. Better be careful.

Was this by any chance from Nigeria?

They'll say or do anything to get access to your personal....information.

Indeed, be careful. Be very careful.

Now we know what the spammers write in their spare time.

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