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June 30, 2011


S. Korea dog meat festival bites the dust

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I like a good hot dog but do you know what's in those things?


Oh, that kind of dog.

This is probably why you don't see many South Korean restaurants in the U.S.

If dog poop doesn't biodegrade, what happens to South Korean human poop?

Eating dogs is disgusting.
I remember our well-loved Siamese Jasmine's first Christmas. She was two months old.
The morning after we put up our tree, we discovered all the lower tinsel strings missing. It was a mystery but we were pretty sure a kitten was involved.
The next day, Jasmine went to the litter pan.
It turned out that all her digestive tract did was take the shine off, and I shouldn't wonder about that.
Also, what she got rid off came out as "beads on a string" with the final "bead" still in her hiney.
So, there we were, two adult humans, chasing a scared kitten all over the house trying to get hold of what we didn't want to touch.
She looked like a demented wedding car, being chased by the cans tied to the bumper.


*snork* @ "demented wedding car".

I would retaliate by letting my labrador chew on a South Korean, but I don't want her to get sick.

Makes you realize that " Marley and Me " could have been a whole different movie.

And we make fun of our citizenry for what they eat on a stick at the state fair.

"Marley as Meat"?

Prior to the Seoul Olympics, there was a big S.Korean campaign to the effect that dog-eating was no longer done, except by a few old people who didn't know any better, but you still saw trucks full of white dogs, all the same size, being transported to waiting dog-lovers.

No problem; just go to the festival in China.

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