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June 21, 2011


Frederick Man Says He Fired Gun To Get Help After Fish Hook Stuck In Butt

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko) 


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...as indeed any of us might do.

I don't know, I would have tried 911 first.

... and what about the fish hook? No mention of it actually being there.

Heck, I'd fire a flare gun.

some men like to have things imbedded in their buttocks.

many of them also spend a great deal of time in the closet (iykwim...aityd.........nttawwt)

man i hate when that happens

Let me guess, then he poked himself in the eye with his knife trying to get the bullet out of his shoulder?

I've been in Frederick. I am not surprised.

Is this the same guy that tried to remove a wart with a shotgun last week? 'Cause if not, I bet they're at least related. Always a safe bet with rednecks anyway.

What an idiot -- you don't use hooks to go fishing in a closet; you use nets.

right, ralph -
so even tho he was playing with his rod, he was not a master baiter

He's not the first guy to come out of the closet because something was stuck in his butt.

It was a one in a million shot, doc. One in a million...

....casting about, trying to think of something to say...

What's the matter with this guy? Doesn't he have any friends or a mama that he could call to come and get him? I have a sneaking suspicion that alcohol was involved.

Well cindy, as a guy I can tell you that you'd have to think long and hard (so to speak) before calling a friend and asking him to come (so to speak) over and help get something out of your butt.

True, Jeff. I had a man and woman come into the ER once and the lady was mad as heck. They had been fishing and her husband had caught her eyelid with his hook. He told me he didn't know why she was so mad because he had cut the worm off the hook. Awful big of him I thought. I told him it was a good thing he had done that otherwise they would be standing there by themselves. We had it out in about 3 minutes.

um, owwwie. and bwaaahhhhaaa, dimbo.

" My gun was out of order, so I used the phone, " usually mollifies the police.

They say to shoot 3 times as an emergency signal when lost, just not when you've lost your mind.

I've also been to Fredneck. This sounds about right.

In my "I'm with stupid" days, I once embedded a fishing hook in my thumb, up to the curved part of the hook. Had to cut it out with my pocket knife, because my fishing buddy wouldn't do it -- wouldn't even watch me do it.

Honestly, it never occured to me that emptying a .45 clip might have gotten me the help I needed.

I've been in Frederick. I am not surprised.
Posted by: wiredog | June 21, 2011 at 09:39 AM

I am not surprised that wiredog's been in Frederick. NTTAWWT.

Fredrick is where the Army bioweapon labs are located. maybe it's something in the water. Eh?

Jackass audition?

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