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June 30, 2011


Timothy W. Dixon, 45, of Florence, S.C., and Travis A. Brumbalough, 25, of Crussville, Tenn., were arrested and charged with first-degree theft of property after trying to make a getaway on a pair of motorized shopping carts they took from a Walmart.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This is exactly why they need to take those motorized scooters out of Walmart. Another reason is because the drivers of them seem to think they own the store and are always blocking the aisles I'm trying to get to. I wonder if these geniuses realized you can actually mosey faster than these carts?

Well, we could cindy, but most of those scooter people are too fat (and lazy) to walk.

One wonders if alcohol could possibly have been involved.

If you are a 45 year old man and you are trying to steal waddle-carts from the Wal-Mart your life needs some severe introspection . . . so says my parole officer.

dumba$$ walmart customers. teehee

Florida drivers' licenses?

Hey, M-Shark, "your life needs some severe introspection" is a great line!

I confess to having used these scooters before. Yes, I could walk on my crutches with my knee injury, but I couldn't figure out how to push the cart.
These guys should at least be knee-capped by police certified in the procedure. That way their action would be appropriate.

anyone else thinking of George Costanza being chased by the old people on the scooters?

I'm much too zippy on the scooters (some disabled people actually need them). I screech around corners not looking and backup loving the "beep beep" noise. But just TRY to get an able-bodied person help you get something from the top shelf. I've had a lot of toilet paper fall onto my head (I have an excuse!). We scooterites have issues, too!

They were caught going 8 mph!

eil,I would help more scooter riders get things off top shelves but I'm only 5'3" myself. I've seen people who really need to use them but, it may just be in my town, there are an awful lot of large people who ride them around the store and then, after they check out, get off them and waddle to their cars.

I'm not sure for the reason of the editorial insert of "who are related..." referring to the culprits. Unless that's Opelika code for inbred relative. wink wink

Hey eil, at 6'5" I've become the designated shelf snatcher at most stores I go into these days. There's even a certain look the old ladies have that I just know what their question will be. I'm more than pleased to help people like yourself, but we've taken to calling them waddle-carts for the more portly carriage individuals -- who quite frankly could use the exercise with the top shelf effort.

What Sharkie doesn't know is most women just like to see him stretch.

I feel a distinction should be made between those who need the motorized shopping carts because they are disabled, and those who just use them for selfish reasons. My sympathy, respect and support go to the first group. The second group deserves all the criticism expressed in this blog.

It's fun to see what the waddlers have in their carts vs. the disabled. No more ice cream because it takes too long to get it home on the short (handicapped) bus!

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