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June 29, 2011


Road rage involved bowl of oatmeal, pistol

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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If you ban oatmeal only criminals...

Never bring a bowl of oatmeal to a gunfight...


The driver of the truck got out first and had a bowl of oatmeal in his hand, according to police records.


Isn't it nice how civilized and considerate we are behind the wheel?

Makes you proud, almost. (Not.)

However, is it me or has anybody else noticed that it seems like 80% or more of the drivers nowadays have a cell phone stuck to their ear, apparently talking and yes, devoting much less attention to their driving?

I've been nearly hit and sideswiped about four times or more each car drive lately, and every time its a driver on cell phone! They can't seem to stay in their lane, and drift into mine, and almost into my car too!

I'm thinking we need to outlaw phones, phone usage in cars, and perhaps even make mandatory some kind of disabling device or field in all cars and trucks.

What'da you think?

Sorry for my off-topic rant.

Oatmeal usually calms me down, makes me happy, but I don't like wearing it.

He was probably a cereal murderer.

I bet Cap'n Crunch could kick the sh!t outta that Quaker Oat wuss.

You bring ostmeal I will bring Raisin Bran!

Can someone give the writer of this article a dictionary? Evidentially? Maybe they meant evidently. I agree, funny man. I'm so sick of seeing cellphones stuck to people's ears. In fact I went out to eat with my kids one night, all of which were busy texting and chatting on their cellphones. I told them anyone who continued to talk or text on their phone would have to pay for their own meal. The phones disappeared quickly.

Ever walk down the street and get run down by a moron who won't look up from his/her texting until they knock you down, cindy?

Welcome to my world. More than once I've stopped one from walking in front of a moving car, but sometimes I wonder why.

What makes me mad, Jeff, is for one of these morons to knock me down and then look at me like it's my fault.

Oatmeal makes you go too fast. I think it's the fiber.

And ever notice that mothers don't hold their children's hand anymore? Because they have a cell phone in theirs. Can't wait until I am a REAL old whippersnapper to see what happens to the "ignored" generation.

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