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June 28, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Australian Real Estate Professional of the Week.

(Thanks to Ken Morgan)


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We hear he's transgender and also has a platypus.

First to say, "There's a cream for that."

Who cares about Richard Payne? I am partial to the name Gerringong. It would make a fine euphemism for, uh, Richard.

i had that once (or so) doc gave me some pills.

Is that your logo or are you just... in a lot of discomfort?

Did Dick Payne have anything to do with the herd of Cows in the BBC story?

Since he's in AU I would hope not.

By the way, you can try Aspirin or Aleve for that.

Depending on how big it is.

I'm not sure there's a cream or a pill for it but I'm positive I've given a few shots of Penicillin for this problem.

I thought such links were against your "policy", Dave. (nursecindy, it's been a while. hope you're well.)

I fail to see the humour in Justine Wienand's name.

Reminds of the adage about robbing Peter to pay Paul, which tends to make Peter sore...and everyone knows you can't do business with a sore P.....

Hello Wyo! Long time no see. You shouldn't be a stranger!

Dick Payne First National Real Estate in Gerringong -- You just can't beat it!

If you hire Dick Payne for more than 4 hours....

I had a Payne in my Gerringong once. Turned out I'd sprained it.

I just had a flashback to the time when I was a teenager riding my bike. The front wheel dropped into a hole in the ground hidden by tall grass. The bike stopped much faster than I did.
Now, I'll be thinking about that all day.

I don't think I wanna be Dick Payne's top priority.

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