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June 29, 2011


There, about 60 doctors, most of them OB-GYNs, converged to discuss the expanding field of “cosmetic-gyn”—elective surgeries for women seeking to “rejuvenate” and/or “beautify” their vaginas.

Key Term: "The Barbie"

(Thanks to Loudmouth)



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Okkkaay. ?????

Dr. Pap Schmeer Says he'd look into this.

Someone should say something.

Yet another sign that some people have too much money.


Crosses legs.

This is just another step into moral decay.

What next? "vaginal makeup"? Vaginal tattoos?

And Mattel should sue. Unauthorized copying of

Remember the good old days when you went to the doctor, stuck out your tongue and said 'aah', he listened to your chest with a stethoscope, hit your knee with a little rubber hammer, and gave you a tetanus shot? I miss those days.

*bends way over to check out UNjuvenated vajayjay, throws back out*

Looks happy to me - it even winked.

Just so I don't have to have a Ken procedure to match.

I understand that the slide show for the conference will be on pay-per-view.

Did someone snatch the before and after shots?

To quote Ron White, "Ya seen one p*ssy . . . ya pretty much want to see all the rest of them."

*ducks the SMACK*

I don't understand. Did someone complain about them? Ladies, it's perfect just the way it is.

I wasn't aware Barbie had "parts". Maybe that's the point of the procedure.


I don't think Barbies come with lady parts, but my older brother used to, ummm, retrofit my sister's Barbies. He should be coming up for parole one of these years now...

Hey ladies, I'm not a gynecologist . . . but I'll take a look!

Next stop after the rejuve, bedazzler!

*salutes bonmot* good ones. Ron White - obviously a great philosopher.

Next great opportuntiy - lawsuits arising

Guys, I've got a rejuvenated photo, just for you

(Oh, sorry, I thought the story said Virginia. Me bad.)

Oh, so that whole "Virginia is for Lovers" thing was just a typo all along! Makes SO much more sense now.

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