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June 28, 2011


City Greenmarket vendors banned from cutting the cheese outside

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I'm with the 72% of Daily News readers who thinks this is idiotic. Mayor Nanny Bloomberg goes too far sometimes.

Agreed. Idiotic. Un-American. And so not-Gouda.

But when I read the headline, I thought it was about flatulence, also very hard to enforce a ban on, and
contrary to good sense. Outdoors the wind or air can
blow away the odors, but indoor they stay and betray.

What if its like the cheese shop in the Monty Python skit of known repute ? (I just read the Shakespear doobie article) Lets see em close that !

In my early days as a health inspector, I'd have agreed with this. The simple reason was that it's difficult to explain to the average person-on-the-street that what is unlikely to cause harm with cheese will probably do harm if you cut meat.
From a food-safety standpoint, cheese was developed as a way of preserving dairy for consumption over time. That means that finished cheese that is suitable for cutting is probably resistant to bacterial growth for a significant time.
And some, like limburger, smell like your feet if you walked naked through the cow pasture, anyway.

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