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May 23, 2011



(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Waiting for his hair to dry?

Aren't turbans normally worn by men?

That Beaver kid would look good in one. Did I spell his name right ?

sikh folk wear the turban. everyone else would not.

I hear it works well with a mansierre.

I'd look like Ethyl Murban.

Turban? Ok. Big flower sprouting front and center? I think not.

I think the pearls are a bit over the top.


*boards geezer bus*

i'm gettin on the bus withya

HA! i <3 carnac the magnificent!

OK if you're a Bond villain in Octopussy...

For your linking pleasure while you wait.
. I'm not sure I put everything in there because my screen doesn't make large enough characters.

Consider the source.

Dave, of course you won't. You never have a 'bad hair day'. I think it goes lovely with his pearl necklace.

Is he a caricature of Arnold, or is Arnold a caricature of him?

"No wonder the kids today...
the lonely voice of youth ask 'What is Truth"?--Johnny Cash

Goes nicely with his hyper-flared nostrils, petulant lips, and manscaped "V"brow.

I don't get it. Aren't " Massey Ferguson " ball caps cool anymore ?

Carnac is awesome. Too bad, he retired when I was six. I wouldn't even have seen him without the blog.

Without seeing any of the other comments let me say:

F#*k no!

um wait, that's a man?

First you get a murban...then a manicure...then a little manscaping...maybe a nice silk shirt....

Definitely a gateway drag.

Is he single? Some of the blog guys want to know.

I'd wear it only to play a visiting professor at Harry Potter's Hogwarts Academy!

If you've ever seen Mr. Lagerfeld none of this should surprise you.

That great tech support look.

And how much makeup does this "guy" have on anyway?

I think I'd rather wear Princess Beatrice's hat, except that I'm certain Dave bought it.

Why does he remind me of MartiniShark?

That will go great with the Nehru jacket I have in mothballs. Anybody remember those?

The one fashion fad of the last 50 years that actually looked a little classy, and they came and went in six months. But MULLETS, God help us, are back!

How about calling it the 'manban', 'cause you're losing your card for wearing one.

Hey Steve, I had a Nehru jacket too. I even have a picture of me wearing it, somewhere.

I'll save you a seat on the geezer bus.

back in like '69 i had a lavender nehru jacket. i called it my 'beatles' jacket.

good times.

hey, don't bogart that...

With the Broach and the pearl necklace, it is too
"tre feminine" for most guys.

And my earlier comment was about Mr. Lagerfield, not
about zee model.

Imagine Boris KArloff in a long flowing black dress, faux perl necklace, lipstick (but no wig), saying...

"Ve have vays of making you uncomfortable"...

Uh, Duh!!

John Wayne would have never worn something like this. Since you blog guys are reminiscing about past fashions, did any of you ever wear a light green leisure suit? My ex husband had one and he LOVED it.

Nursecindy, didn't he love it so much you buried him in it?

nurse: had two, one rust colored, one lemon yellow.

Jeff did indeed have a Nehru jacket. He also had the highest swim trucks ever worn. There's photographic proof of both these fashion statements.

I wanted a Nehru jacket. I had to settle for striped pants and flowered shirt á la the Monkees.

Ken, I'll trade brothers with you anytime. Jeff and Jackie are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. My big dumb brother got married a few weeks ago and didn't invite any of his family, including our dad, to the ceremony which was in Charleston. Idiot.

I got a Nehru jacket exactly ONE DAY before that style suddenly dropped out of sight.
As for the Murban, a guy could be spouting enough testosterone to put out a major fire. But if he walked by wearing one of those, people would jes' laugh.

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