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May 09, 2011


Man airlifted after fight with cat

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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*Hides catnip*

Tweet from Steve Martin: "Armored cat assisted Navy Seals, shredded furniture, Bin Laden furious, suicide.

the man and the cat reportedly were injured by a knife the man was holding
First thing I was taught in the hood, never let some cat get in your face and take your knife.

I saw it it Saigon, '66. We got cut to pieces. I need three men.

Never bring a knife to a cat fight.

Never bring a Texan to a um, kitty fight.

What a pussy. Both of them.


*High-5's Punkin*

The man's identity is unknown because he's too embarrassed to admit he got his ass kicked by a house cat!

They were going to go to Chuck E. Chesus, But the cat didn't like their pizza, and things escalated.

In his defense...I can't defend this.

♫ 'Feeelines, ow-OW!-OW!!! FEEEELINES.....'

most cats will attack if they feel threatened. maybe the person was weirdo. cats know that. hope it goes to a good home, after a psych eval. for the cat. not the person.

By day - Garfield.
By night - El Gato Zorro!

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Ole Baggins I took the quiz and there is a 91% chance my cat is trying to kill me. Fortunately I have several balls of yarn and a laser pointer which keeps her occupied.


Careful, nursecindy. Cats have been known to use balls of yarn as disguises, wrapping themselves in them, and attacking incogknitto.


Moral of the story?
If Fluffy is going down Fluffy is taking you with her. Don't F#$k with Fluffy.

Wouldn't want to have a catastrophe.

There's a thousand and one ways to skin a person.

reposting catastrophe.

We forget what a good thing it is that cats are domesticated and normally don't think of us as things to attack :)

Have you really looked at the size of a cat's claws? They're quite impressive!

Having been attacked by my pet cat some years ago, I'm here to tell you -- you'd better be prepared to fight HARD if you don't want your cat to do you some real damage. I escaped with deep scratches on my legs and arms but if I hadn't fought to get him away from me it could have been much more serious. My fear was that he was going to start biting.

(He apparently freaked out after following me into a neighbor's house where I was feeding their dog. He became increasingly fearful and aggressive and when I tried to pick him up to take him out of the house, BAM I was bleeding!)


The cat was put down. What about the guy?

The guy was adopted by a nice family with a boa constrictor.

Wanna bet he was trying to get Fluffy into one of these?

So a guy with a knife attacks a cat . . . doesn't he know there's more than one way to skin those things?

Nothing less than a flamethrower.

Cats are actually just misunderstood Mebbe not.

So I gather that this weenie had the knife wrested from his hand and the cool cat turned it on him.Was he also wearing panty hose?

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