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May 06, 2011


It might be moving uptown....


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What happened to the other starcatchers? I only ask, of course, because of this link, which is shown at left.

Congratulations Dave and Ridley!

Dave co-wrote a play?

I'll be there.

Congrats from me also!

Your play seems to be doing a lot better than
this one.

That is great news Dave. However if you hear from Biaylistock and Bloom I say take a pass.

Careful - "sprinkling your fairy dust on Broadway" is a misdemeanor.

Besides the threats regarding the territiory thing and saying He will personally show up at your compound and sing Mandy repeatedly until those protecting you give you and the inspirational goat up, what does Manilow have to say about all this Dave writes the songs now idea? Now you know.


I am currently reading "Peter and the Shadow Thieves" to my brood. They are all very excited and can't wait for bedtime to hear the next chapter or two.

My 18 year old is reading the next two on his own because he says that he'll be in college by the time I get to reading them to everyone. That also means that he doesn't have to hear the nasally voice I use for Nerezza.

Movin' on UP!

Hooray hooray! Touring show! I'm calling Ticketmaster now...

Uptown... ? The sidewalk in front of Friday's ...?

I just hope you remember all the little people. The Munchkins, the Lilliputians, mini-KISS, etc.

I believe an update might be in order? Or two?

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