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May 29, 2011


A Bronx man was arrested yesterday for threatening to blow up WPIX-11 headquarters if it kept airing reruns of the suspended "Two and a Half Men," sources said.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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what's his beef? The reruns? Charlie Sheen?
Or too much of Angus T. Jones (the young 1/2)?

And if the show was suspended, how are they showing it? SLoppy reporting again...

PS: The show wasn't suspended. Sheen was, then later "fired".

His problem is he's either been watching too much " Green Acres " or has a couple.

They should sentence him to 30 days of watching The Golden Girls reruns. That'll show him.

He's been spending way too much time in his mother's basement.

Totally justified indeed. And then he can blow up Mr. Sheen (not that we would advocate violence).

OK, who stole Freddy's zapper? Come on, speak up. This is getting serious.

What Jeff Meyerson said.

(And didn't he say that two weeks ago?)

And? I see no problem with this.

Duh, losing! All your money can't buy self-respect, Charlie. One word: rehab.

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