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May 30, 2011


Have a good Memorial Day. But please remember why it's called Memorial Day.


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Amen, Dave.

Thank you, Dave.

Have a safe and happy day, everybody!

Good sentiment, Dave. There is a time for humour, a time for celebration, and a time for reverence. This day is an occasion for the latter.

Thank you, Dave.

We remember those who are no longer with us.

May God rest His hand on them and their families.

Saw this on TV last night. A great organization for those families whose service members have made the ultimate sacrifice--I'm gonna make a donation.

Thanks Dave, I was one of the blessed ones. I came home, a lot did not. We need to remember them today.

Saw SAVING PRIVATE RYAN for the 1st time 2 weeks ago. Incredible. Freedom is not free is it ?

Bless our troops. Past, present, and future.

Also, *HUGS* oldfatguy. Glad you're here with us. I'm fortunate enough to have some letters written by a several greats uncle that he wrote to his mother while he was in Gettysburg. It really shows you first hand what those soldiers went through and how scared he was. He was only 19 and is buried at Gettysburg.

I can't get to the cemetery, so I called my last remaining aunt to talk. Her husband and her only brother, my father, both served in WW II. I can't talk with them, but I can still check to make sure she's all right.


"Freedom is not free is it ?"

No my friend, it is not. We Canadians recognize our war dead and wounded on November 11, except for some of us who do so on a daily basis.

Both my grandfathers, each a ship's Captain, died after their ships were torpedoed during the war. My father was horribly wounded when the bomber he was pioting crashed asnd burned.

But of course the deaths continue. Today I have been thinking about two young kids, who, a number of years ago, hung around my driveway trying to attract the attention of my daughter, who was, and is, very pretty.

Heh. I was a police officer at the time...I invited them into the house on one occasion, jokingly, offering them an opportunity to watch me clean my pistol. Of course, I was gently trying to affirm to them that my daughter was out of bounds in certain circumstances.

We ultimately moved away, as did they, but our families kept in touch. Both joined the Canadian forces, from differing ends of the country, and both served in Afghanistan.

And both were killed there, one in a firefight, the other by a IUD.

I still remember them as 12 or 13 year old testerone-fueled kids, nice kids, trying so hard to impress my daughter.

Now they are gone.

Sometimes, life sucks.

Yes Afkat, it does.

Petition signed and forwarded to friends.

Rest in peace, all of our heroes.

Thank you all who served and serve today. God Bless our heroes!

Why is it that every single time Dave gets serious for a second he's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT?? Thanks Dave!!!!

A bit late to respond, but this is the site where I found and emailed the family of the man whose POW (MIA, now considered KIA) bracelet I wore for years. It broke and I got a new one, but since my wonderful Dad is still around, I make sure to remember Lt. Barton S. Creed every Memorial Day. Every one lost has given me my freedom.

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