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May 05, 2011


A Bangor woman was arrested about noon Tuesday on charges of violating the conditions of her release from a prior arrest, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and theft after she allegedly attempted to steal two scented toilet paper holders from a Family Dollar store.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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My drugs are totally unscheduled... and undisciplined.

I suck as a drug mother.

If I ever decided to shop lift it would be from a nicer store than a Family Dollar Store. For instance, Nordstrom's or Macy's. If I'm going to jail it's going to be for a darn good reason. Scented toilet paper holders are not a darn good reason.

*agree w/nc* I'd rather go to jail wearing a diamond necklace than carrying a toilet paper holder.

I see the connection though, she needed the scented roll holders to mask the smell of the I.B.S. since they took away the pills she wasn't supposed to have.

if you have to steal anything from the frikkin dollar store, at leaast take some cheapo jewelry...

If you want to hear some interesting stories, just talk to the manager of virtually any retail establishment that has security cameras.
Some people in the 12 to 25 y-o range appear to think it's a game to steal.
Unfortunately, when they get caught, their whole family pays the price.
But from a dollar store?

Who left the blog door open last night and let the spammers in? Steve, you were the last to post. Next time shut the door!

Sorry, sorry. I keep leaving the barn door open.

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