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May 28, 2011


Nashville residents cook, eat cicadas

(Thanks to Ralph)



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I'm betting they don't taste like chicken.

We're also seeing the return of the cicadas and I would like to personally report that no one on my road, specifically in my house, will be eating them. They look like roaches with wings to me. If they taste like nuts then why not just eat some nuts?

Well, there's thirteen hundred and fifty-two insect eaters in Nashville
And they can eat more bugs than the number of ants on a Tennessee ant hill....

Hmmm. Maybe they're low-carb!

They are roaches with wings. We don't usually get them until later in the summer, except in the 17th year.

Nice Lovin' Spoonful reference, Ralph. I'll save you a seat on the geezer bus.

Ewwwwl. If they are in the 17th year, they will have acne.

;-) @ Ralph.

Crunchy cicada
You're the only bu-bu-bu-bug that I saute
With some m-m-m-moonshine
And a side of c-cowchips
You'll go nicely with some chilled ch-ch-chardonnay.

Swill enough moonshine and a dishrag will be apetizing.

"I've heard they taste really good with chocolate."

Guess what tastes even better? Chocolate without bugs in it. IANMTU

If Snooki were an insect... Oh, wait...


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