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May 15, 2011


Police have arrested a man who was wandering naked around a residential Auckland suburb and throwing tennis balls at passing cars in the nippy weather this afternoon.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Where the balls, um, blue by any chance? And I'm need a translation on what the phrase "play up" means in New Zealan.

Two goofs in one post. Don't know if I blame that on the fingers or the eyes, but I do think it's time to give in and fill that optometrist's prescription.

*hands wingnut a spare pair of reading glasses*
What an idiot this guy is. Everyone knows a tennis ball looses some of it's bounce in cold weather! Also shoddy journalism. No pictures.

"nippy" and it was a guy? - Moobs?

Thankfully, the reporting was shoddy and there were no pictures.

OK, someone has to ask. Where was he keeping the tennis balls? Or did he just have one for each hand and retrieve them between attacks?
Were they brown, perhaps?

Nu Zillan Dictionary:

1) Play up -- to misbehave (like a child); to break down (the DVD recorder played up); to get nekkid in public and find yourself on Dave's Blog (Oh bugger).

Note: Despite rumors, this was NOT Peter Jackson. We cannot confirm or deny Bilbo Baggins was all nippy.

Well, you must admit, the guy had balls.

"The weather was nippy"; "the pool was cold". Excuses, excuses.

Nut-tin butt net.

Possibly related incident.


nippy in the bud?

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