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May 27, 2011


Miami's number SIX?

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Geezers read 'cause there's not much else they can do.

They learned to read from the Blog, no doubt

Works like this: They put a priority on non-fiction titles, and the cast of Jersey Shore put out (heh-heh) about 5 books, ergo Miami scored higher as a result.

Keep in mind, that in Miami, this is what they do while driving...

Who said they *read* the books? Aren't hard-cover books are the preferred face-covering while toning up your tan during your beach nap?

reading is fun for the mental

They didn't put the state. They meant Miami Ohio.

I gotta agree with Dave here. Miami is #6? WTFBBQ?! Florida has three cities on the list and yet New York is not in the top 20?

Looks like Harvard accounts for the majority of books read in Mass.

Dave, are you dismayed or pleased? Well above DC where they write things and can't read them or Detroit that ranks as 48% functionally illiterate.

Alligators and boa constrictors are heavy readers.

One could argue that Dave Barry fans are, by definition, highly literate. Humor, especially when it is done by "playing with words" is difficult to comprehend if one is not intimately familiar, and comfortable with, the language of the humorist.
Too serious?

I wonder if they include restaurant menus.

I think Amazon *assumes* people are reading those books... I think it's a lot more likely the books are being used as projectiles during morning commutes.

Dave is deflecting the success his pro-literacy efforts have had.

Miami is on the list because porn magazines are included in the total.

N.C. isn't on the list either. I personally have bought enough books from Bamazon and Books A Billion to earn us a spot on this list. Does Bamazon take into account the number of people who buy books to give as gifts? I agree with Steve. Booger.

Dave, could you post some more please? I'm supposed to be writing a review for a movie that I watched with my eyes closed and the mute button on.

I HAZ A BOOK!!! Do audio books count?

*hair flip*

They DO, BFF!!! I haz a proud of you!

I'm not sure Jackie Collin's books count Siouxie.

Don't be jealous, Jeffy. We are edumacated here in Florida. I happen to love reading. If only Dave would write something funny for me to read...ya know...like a book?

WHAT? #6? And we're not on there at all? I agree - it must include cereal boxes AND porn, although we still should be on there. Dang, those literacy fundraisers.

Thank goodness Dave posted this or I would not have read it, being from Los Angeles and all, since we do not read. Ever. We have things read TO us. By actors.

(pssst - nursecindy - N.C. didn't make the list because it is a STATE. This is a list of CITIES. For that matter, I don't see N.C. on the list of geographically knowledgable cities, either.)

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