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May 14, 2011


The Miami Herald has an iPad app.


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Well, I had already downloaded the app, but my iPad won't let me watch that video!

And I still prefer a newspaper made of paper. Am old.

Jim Carey's sister is really knowledgable about weather. Hey, can she bring Jim and has him talk out of his asp?

Dave has a blog?

Cute demo, Dave

Dave is being humble. He truly is an expert on snakes....snakes in trees, in computers, in toilets, in ...blogs...I've learned so much.

Dave has probably saved my life. I always 'look down before I sit down' thanks to this blog.

Come to think of it this blog has really opened my eyes to a lot of dangers. I no longer eat out (body parts in food), eat frozen bagged vegetables (frogs), stay at cheap motels (nut cases with snakes around their necks), or plan on ever visiting Florida. If I do visit Florida I will never drive (people with guns) or use the People Mover (sharks).

Dave, stick to your Mr. Grammar Guy day job. Mr. Tech Guy with the app claptrap just ain't working

I thought this might help, but I can't get my finger to work.

You see? The "this" was meant to be this.

*Pulls Meanie's finger*

Works now.

Now we all get Apple iPads for a Good Reason

Coolness! I just sent the above posting from my iPod Touch, and it came through fine :)

Well designed app, folks! Please thank the designers for considering the UI (And the U!) into the way it works. That's a rare thing in application development today.

Nice blue shirt, Dave.

Is there a Maxi-iPad?

How exactly does a video that won't play on an iPad promote an iPad app??

I asked my geek son-in-law how an iPad would work better than my Macbook. He said if it would be better for me, I would know.
So, I guess it's like when my wife said a pregnant woman would just KNOW when it's time to go.
I'm not feeling preggers (looks may vary), so I don't have an iPad.
Besides, I'm afraid Stewie, our emergency reserve dog would sneeze on the screen and it would start picking up alien transmissions. He does this a lot. Sneeze, I mean.
Agreed. Nice shirt.

Is there an iSNORK option?

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