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May 16, 2011


Why zombie ants infected by mind-controlling fungus always kill themselves at high noon

(Thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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Why do you think they call it 'high' noon?

Ants will do anything to avoid watching another episode of Survivor.

Must. Click. On. Dave's. Site. Must. Find. New. Post.....

Good to know.

Good thing too. It's a byotch shooting them through their tiny little heads.

If only they'd say 'uncle,' but they cant.

I saw Mind Controlling Fungus open for the Zombie Ants once, but I really thought Mind Controlling Fungus should have had top billing. Their lead guitarist is amazing.

They appear to have gotten into Charlie Sheen.

First it's mind control fungus then heroine!

ants on the ground
ants on the ground
lookin' like snooki with that fungal-thing-on-yo-head
ants on the ground

Huh. I read the whole thing, and I gotta say it makes even bad human sex look good.

This explains some politicians I've heard on TV recently.
Although I'm undecided whether it's alien brain control or no brain control.

We have similar fungi down here in Florida. They make you move to Boca Raton and vote Republican when you turn eighty.

Zombie ants. Sounds like the only thing worse than normal ants.

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