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May 31, 2011


So what CAN you ladies do to prepare for swimsuit season? You can do what we men have been doing, with great success, for so many years: nothing.


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This is so true. I usually spend a week looking for a decent bathing suit and then another month looking for something to cover it up.

I never understood why you can't just use last year's swimsuit. The whole purpose of it is to swim in, right?

Elon, that's just crazy talk. The next thing you'll say is it's okay to wear the same outfit twice. Men!


varicose veins used to depress her
she looks past them now
and so many other things
that have changed with age
she has marked each one
and mourned it's passing
he would see her in the mirror
each morning, turning and pinching
clucking and sighing
he would hug her and tell her
she looked as good to him as the day they met
and she would dismiss him, call him "silly"
and piece by piece it broke his heart
now she clucks and turns all alone
and he keeps his distance
so it goes year after year
she performs her dance
for one that doesn't even exist
while the one who adores her
lies nearby wanting

Juuuuuuudiiiiii! Mud made me cry!!

Wow, mud.

I usually don't like poetry. Sometimes I do.
Good one.
I have said for years that old married couples never really look at each other. It looks like we do, but what we see is the person we married. And that is a mix-up of the person in front of us, the person from ten years ago, and back to the first sight of the person we came to love.
This is a good thing.

That is a good thing, Steve.

Nice one, mud.

Geez Mud...you even made me sniffle a bit. And I'm a burly old former-cop who likes to think he's tough as nails.

Don't do that anymore, or I'll emulate Cindy, and tell on you to Judi...

Hey, the iphone repair parts spammer likes your poem, too, mud.

Good one Mud...I know this, my better half keeps getting better every day

Mud speaks a truth we all find to be a little bit too familiar and little bit too unsettling. Great one, sir mud.

I hope you blog guys appreciate the wonderful women in your lives. Moms, wives,daughters, etc. You may not always realize this but I'm pretty sure they appreciate you too.

And you blog-ladies

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