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May 02, 2011


Czech1 it out!



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Czech beer, aka pivo, is great stuff. truly good. this has nothing, or maybe everything, to do with nekkid weatherpersons.

So, what is a banana plug? Did Dave ever find out?

Not sure Elon, butt I'm guessing you should Czech in the male.

A banana plug is a type of electronics connector. It's not really that exciting unless you want me to lie to you.

I would love to see how Dave explained a whoopee cushion and a hot babe.

Do Czech's wear stripes? I've always heard that's a fashion no-no.

Not good, nursecindy...they end up with herringboners.

Unfortunately, in most of the places I live, the weather people are middle-aged men (OK, they're younger than I. But that still makes them middle-aged).
They are also so boring that I have developed a Pavlovian-type phase-out reaction. My eyes glaze after the first 10 seconds and I don't wake up until 10 minutes or two hours later when they finally get around to telling what the weather is expected to do.
I haven't heard the forecast in several years because I go into that boredom trance as soon as the weather comes on.
And, sorry, I don't want to see a bunch of nekkid middle-aged men.

Excuse me, I'd like to hide a weatherperson. Can you cache a small Czech?

A nude weatherperson was eaten by a large, angry bear. The next day, both a male and female bear were captured.

The female bear was quickly released.

Do you know why?

Answer: Because everyone knows that the Czech is in the male.

Poor reporting, no pictures to enhance the story?

OOOHHH to PirateBoy and Ralph. We've go to keep these puns in check.

*snorks to nc and Annie*

A German man took his Czech girlfried camping in Alaska, where they were devoured by a pair of grizzly bears.

The rangers shot and opened up the momma bear, and found the German's corpse.

The one ranger turned to the other and said, "Uh oh. You know what this means. The Czech's in the male."

Sorry, PirateBoy. I guess I should read the previous entries a little more closely before posting.

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