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May 27, 2011


Conceptual Artist Cherry Tree Makes Perfume From Her Urine

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Gives new meaning to the term 'toilet water.'

"collecting her urine after every full moon"....This is a very self-involved person (ewww)

Heck, if people pay megabucks for weasel-poop coffee, this product is a natural!

So has "conceptual" just become the new term for "talent-free"?

Not all ideas are good ideas. We ladies generally wear perfume to attract men. I don't think this will do the trick. Also, Cherry Tree? Really?

It should be marketed under the Eau de Pee Loon label.

She should collaborate with the nightingale poop people in Japan. Joe, you have any contacts?

@Martini - not "just" become. Always has been.

If she does #1 & #2, her #2 don't stink (to put it politely).

Hmmmm the nightingale should be twittering in a Cherry tree with a waterfall in the background.
We are ready for a double facial commercial!! Nice collaboration dj

Darn, I had to use a bedpan after foot surgery since I could not get back and forth to the bathroom, I must have poured out millions of dollars worth of perfume base? sheesh

May explain why the neighborhood fire hydrant is never home alone on Saturday night.

Oh, shoot, give it a try.
If it's not your thing, pi$$ on it.

I assume everyone does realize that a lot of perfume is made from the wee-wee of pregnant horses. Just what you need to attract that big stud.

God help us if Justin Beiber, Snooki, Donald Trump and all the B list* and lower celebrities start doing this!

(*means whatever you want it to)

oldfatguy, if you were using a bedpan you were producing the wrong inventory for this product.

Ok, NC you are just trying to confuse me. That is pretty easy for anyone to do. ha. I guess the proper term was urinal, but that seemed so tacky. hahahaha

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