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May 31, 2011


Swedish police called to fight beaver invasion

(Thanks to Dr. Doug, Ralph and Mark Schlesinger)


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Didn't they open for ABBA?

Personally I've always welcomed a beaver invasion, not called the police.

Somehow I thought it would be blonde.

What direction is the right direction for a beaver?

Yeah, I've had to fight off a few beavers in my younger days (he wishes).

Upon the fiftieth anniversary of America's most beloved family sitcom "Leave it to Beaver", Dave Barry speculated on what it would have done to the psyche of a real boy to have to grow up being known from childhood as "the Beaver".

"Police were called to help a homeowner deal with a wayward Swedish beaver"

I wouldn't mind a wayward Swedish beaver coming to my door.

The TV show was cancelled when the father was caught spanking the Beaver.

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