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May 17, 2011


South Florida is not boring. We think the tourists are getting just a little bit jaded after going, year after year, to AdventureThemeParkLand World to watch robots sing Yankee Doodle. They want something different. Verging on weird. They want South Florida.


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I heard Diznee just copyrighted the term "Seal Team 6." I'm guessing they updating their theme parks rides, such as:
"It's a Small World After All... and We Will Hunt You Down and Kill You."

Mr. Barry
You are a funny man. Please do not stop being funny. We need more funny people and you are a funny man.

Maybe they are trying to hire them to take out Universal Studios Orlando. Or maybe just take out the rude people who try to cut in front of you in line.


This column was a triumph in comedic expertise. In other words, you are a funny guy.

I feel close to Florida, because, like many Canadians, I own a condo there. Of course, also like many Canadians, I never go there..I subscribe to the dictum that, rain or shine, I will visit my condo at least once every five years, inhale the refreshing Florida air, and then depart on the next plane.

I feel very proud of the fact that I assisted the Florida economy by purchasing said condo for something in the neighborhood of $350K. With the current property values, I am now in the position of offering it for sale...my standard sales approach is something like "I have a fully furnished condo in Florida with private beach...I'll trade it to you for that snickers bar you're holding".

But alas, no takers.

But next time I visit it, I'll take a detour past your house and wave to Walter and Lucy. You'll know it was me...I'll be the guy with the empty wallet...

South Dixie Highway always reminded me of playing "Frogger."

I think the important question here is does the Renee LeSnot shop have a website? I've already imaginably spent close to a million bucks on the Tiffany website today and I'm ready to move on to another one that has things that I will never be able to buy. You know you've been on the Tiffany website too long when you get mad because a $250,000 necklace only comes in a 16" length. Dave, as always this is a funny, funny article that really lifted me up on a miserable, rainy day. Kudos!

I almost forgot... Afkat I have a Twix bar! Still in the trading mood? I will even throw in a fun size Almond Joy.

well sweetie...only cuz it's you...

Okay, all of you other bloggers off this post right now! Afkat and I have some negotiating to do : )

It's made of coral, isn't it Afkat? The Canadian Coral Condo.

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Can we send the spammer to the 'Glades?

Muy comico.

On my next visit, would it be a good idea to not tell people that I wanted to name my youngest son Fidel?

I tried to compromise with my wife by spelling the name Erik but pronouncing it Fidel, but she didn't like the idea.

Hilarious. I've been through (and to) Miami. The driving was...exciting.

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