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May 29, 2011


The Night Dave Barry Called Me An Ignorant Slut


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Sounds like what you would expect from an article writing whore.

Dave, do you know more about her than you are telling?

She may be ignorant, but do you...have proof or personal knowledge....

if not, an apology is in order...

LOL! Reminds me of the "Artsluts" organization; very active in Key West.

He was just pissed he wasn't seated next to Ally Carter.

So, do enlighten us about the "ramps" on the menu, Dave. Was that a result of a spell-checker run amuck, as theorized, or something more sinister?

And while we're on the subject of possible spell-check errors, would you rather be "widely popular" or "wildly popular?" And what exactly is the difference?

not a spell check error:


This has been your culinary update.

Whoops, forgot this isn't facebook!


Regretfully *SMACKS* Dave.

Richard, you ignorant slut, fresh ramps are delicious as well -- just pick them and eat them raw. Then you can clear out a room without a word.

♫ O'er the ramps farts we watched ♫

...were so scalliontly steaming.

♫ And the insults did flyyyyyyy ♫

*snork!* @ the National Allium-them!

iphone repair parts, you ignorant slut.

*haz a sad because Dave never called me ignorant*

(the slut was implied)

If you happen to be well-endowed and your bra strap sets off the metal detector at the airport, you think to yourself, ‘Rick Riordan doesn’t have to deal with this.’

Is this true, Punkin?

she was asking for it...

I used to live near Gilroy, so I can just imagine. I guess I was right -- sounds plenty sinister.

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