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May 13, 2011


Porn Stash Found in bin Laden Hideout

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here -- who says "His mom is really mad" -- and jon harris)


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I declare jihad on YOU, baby!

Debbie does Islamabad.

And a billion followers shout, "but it wasn't his porn!"


Makes me think of the old joke about the guy who joined the foreign legion. Punch line,no man, you ride the camel into town. Look it up on google.

Burqa porn is not as exciting as you might think...

*Snork* @ Annie

Virgin camels, sheep & goats.

Some people call it porn.
Some others call it animal husbandry.

Omama Ben Layen

What next... French postcards ?

Now we know why he had the natural viagra. Btw, distrbutors of that stuff are racing to rename thier products Osama Been Throbbin' and Osama Bin Hard-on.

How long before the bootleg Bin Laden porno tape surfaces?

I wonder what his preferences in women were.

Yes, WingNut, Obama's private stash: two hours of watching goat sex, followed by (gasp!) photos of beautiful women with their faces uncovered.

The horror! The shame! The poor goats!

No wonder he never answered the door.

Oh so NOW Harry Reid says he wants to see the pictures as proof.

Goats Gone Wild!

Cue the wingnuts claiming porn causes terrorism in..3....2...1...

Last week, I was in a 'health food store' selling more or less quack items, like "Magnetic water". The one that caught my eye was a small bottle marked "Horny Goat Weed".

Osama could be their next photo model, as I bet he had first hand (hoof?) experience.

See guys? Watching pOrn will kill ya!

Being Bad About Abbottabad
Jihadda Have It

Classic line from Jihadda Have It: "Is that a camel's nose in your tent, or are you just happy to see me?"

Osama Bin Wankin'

To quote Steve Martin: Bin Laden porn videos included “I Can See Your Nose,” and “Is That a Toe I See.”

Technicians report that more than the fingerprints of more than 60 persons were found on the cases containing the porn discs, indicating some sort of sick communal usage. ObL's fingerprints seemed to be concentrated on the discs featuring gay porn.

Blow Me Up

...abbottaba-b-b-bad to the bone

Rumor has it Osama was blind when shot - also had very hairy hands.

Who was a baaaaad little dictator?

"The goat kind? Yeah?...Yeah?"

Weapons of mass turbation.

*snork* @ SW.

snork @ Ernie G

Spermicide bomber?

Doesn't he have like 300 wives? What a puke!

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