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May 27, 2011


Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies

(Thanks to Kathryn LeMair and Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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So many jokes, so little time...

I agree, Dave. This is a great story. In fact I think any story that makes a Beauty Queen look dumb is a winner. You don't get much dumber looking than this.

Greatest story? I doubt it.
Greatest headline so far? By all means, Yes!

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. You ladies don't need no stinking horse to be a rodeo queen here in Utah. (Plus, they look so cute on their stick ponies.)

Horse Herpes? Really?

It's too early - I got nothing.

I thought they were talking about gay cowboys.


Whatever happened to, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy"?

rodeo queens and the Stick Ponies. didnt they open for moby grape?

It's all a promo hype for "Cowboys & Aliens".

I mean, 60+ Harrison Ford as a cowboy fighting aliens?
As outrageous as GWB being president!

o/t: I gotta slow down.

back to topic (btt):

When I read this, too quickly, I thought the rodeo queens were riding "Sick" ponies.

As long as they don't kiss on the lips, I thought "ok".

Stick ponies is even funnier, and dumber.

But I'd pay to see Dolly Parton doing that.

On the upside, the stick ponies won't be bucking the girls off. (Unless it's a really young stick pony.) LOL

Bucking the girls off? Kittypaws?

You know what I thought it read first time I just glanced at it. Yes, THAT word.

Cute. Disturbing. Why does she have a ham in the backseat of that car?

This is not really funny. The EHV1 outbreak is bad news. Good for the people running the competition to give the girls a way to show their knowledge of the courses and test their horsemanship.

I love horses too, Guin. We had a case close to my house where some idiots thought it would be funny to shoot B.B. guns at horses. They hit one of the horses in the eye which was later removed by the vet. These particular horses worked with special needs children and the injured horse was one of their favorites. It broke my heart.

Our ranch is quarantined - no horses in or out for the next 2 weeks, because of this virus.

That said, I sure enjoyed watching rodeo queens run around like Barbie bimbos on stick ponies.

(special note #2,038 to nursecindy - because ham in the front seat is bad luck. Also, there is a special place in hell for whoever shot that horse. I hope he gets there quickly.)

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