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May 25, 2011


While The Blog's away, the s.b. gets to share vacation photos. Here's the book buy-back crew at UT in Austin:

Book buyback at UT


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Uhmmm, Judi? Have these guys ever read a book? Someone needs to tell the Super Hero that his shoes don't match his outfit. Also I would like to have my dish washing gloves back.

Bookman and Robin?

soon they, too, will get to the Bookseller's Convention in New York.

SuperGeek. I think Darwin will tale care of him.

Robin thinks he's a fashion model.

Looks to me like he escaped from a bad comic-con somewhere.

And boy, with the buck twenty five in the ice cram bucket, I'm sure they pay very well for used textbooks.

These are a couple of UT professors.

Got to love Robin's muscular legs! I assume that someone gave Robin a wedgie, a noogie, a swirly and hung him up on a coat hook shortly after this picture was taken.

Oxymorons - Austinians can't read.

We're guessing they're single.

I'd sell my books to this guy.

yes, annie, me too. even if he cant read.

Annie and queensbee, I'd read my book to that guy! Wow!

Bad boys in kilts....Happy judi-Day!

This guy isn't too bad either.

Just to be fair, a little boobage for the blog guys.

Ouch NC......guys do not click the link

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