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May 08, 2011


Take it easy today. You earned it.


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Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight. Get down tonight.

Happy Mother's Day to all the blog moms!

Mus be some otha mutha.

Mothers. Indispensable.

My mother was a great lady because...
She never imposed her views on us by using guilt.
She never asked, "When are you coming to visit again?" while we were still visiting. So, we wanted to visit again.
She rarely told us we were wrong. Just, rarely, how to be better at being right.
She was generous without using her wealth for advantage.
She was a good example without being self-absorbed.
When she said, "Thank you." we knew she meant it.
When she died, we were more glad of her life than sad that it was over.
I miss her.

Thank you, and blessing to all the moms of all the world.

@Steve - beautiful.

Mine was full of love, but suffered much and although she didn't fit your tribute, I miss her much as well.

Dave -- your column about your mom... mine matched almost to the end.

Kiss your moms, everyone.

Thanks, Dave. Steve, my mom fits your description, too. I am so thankful to still have her.

As Lewis Grizzard titled his book, "Don't Forget to Call Your Mama. I Wish I Could Call Mine"

Ernie G, I love Lewis Grizzard and have all his books. My mom died about a month and 1/2 ago. I really, really miss her because she was also my best friend. I wish I could tell her Happy Mothers Day but I can't this year so I just blew a kiss up to heaven this morning. Considering what she had to work with, me and my big dumb brother, I think she did an excellent job. She gave me a lot of motherly advice over the years. The one I remember the most was to never pick up hitchhikers because you will never get rid of them. That was how she met my dad. She had a wonderful sense of humor and used to irritate my dad by introducing him as her first husband. He was her only husband. On their 30th Wedding Anniversary she told me she would have gotten less time for murder. I'm probably the only kid who ever got blamed for an earthquake. We were in the Philippines and she told me to quit shaking the table with my foot. I told her I wasn't and then the earthquake hit. When it was over she apologized to me. She loved Dave's books and was the one who introduced me to them. I could go on and on but let me just say instead; If your mom is still alive give her an extra hug today. Remember when the world is falling down around you your mom will still love you and be there for you. Happy Mothers Day everyone.

Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day. But what's with the brown sheep?


No matter what gift you get a Mom for Mother's Day, it truly can't be enough. Said with love, and deepest, fondest memories.

Happy Mother's Day, I want to wish for all mother in the world on the occasion of mother's day.

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