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May 30, 2011


Phoenix police: Man shot at grounded airplane

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Looks like Sheriff Joe just tased him in the gonads.

So, alcohol may have been involved.

Who'd have guessed it?

Probably got felt up too many times by Hilda the TSA agent.

Speaking of Weiners, has anyone read any updates on Congressman Weiner's weiner?

I was going to post it but don't know how.

Just another pointy-headed intellectual...


Mikey - someone got into his Twitter account and sent out the picture.

That said, around here we know him as "The Whiner."

Jeff, I think more than alcohol may have been involved.

When his mom finds out what he was doing, he's gonna be grounded, too.

I think American people need to demand an investigation into what Rep. Weiner is covering up here. He could start by releasing his original, long (or short) form weiner so that citizens can make their own determination about... uh... nevermind.

He has his father's eyes....

...in a box in his closet.

*spew* @ Annie. bwahahahahaha!

this thread has nothing to do with cong. weiner, despite his sad last name. someone hacked his account. jeez.
as to the photo - mugshot hall of famer.

Hey Siouxie! I found a guy for you and he has all his own teeth! At least on the bottom. Who is Congressman Weiner?

nursecindy - I think he has more than just his own teeth.

Well, the guy does have a point. A good hat should cover it.

What do you know, his face did freeze like that.

That much heat (dry or otherwise) just cooks the brain.

" We are from France. "

"Officers obtained a license plate and attempted a traffic stop."

You mean they had to physically get a plate and put it on the police vehicle?

Why not just put them on all the police cars and leave them?

I guess budget cutbacks and poor economy hurting everyone.

I'm playing blog catchup after the camping trip.

So, I know I'm late, but what in hell is a ramp? I take it you can't eat the wheelchair variety.

And I missed that horse herpes headline too, even if horse herpes might have been better called horse chickenpox. (It's a varicellovirus)

Why can't the world stop when I am gone.

Ramp is along the line of wild garlic or garlic-y wild onion. I know there's a Ramp Festival up in Mars NC.

That incessant buzing.....the plane had it coming to it.....

And for the congressman.....he looks like a talking weiner....sounds like one too.

Loudmouth, that's Mars Hill, N.C.

Allium tricoccum — also known as the ramp, spring onion, ramson, wild leek, wild garlic, and, in French, ail sauvage and ail des bois — is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion.

I for one never heard of it either.

But then for some reason, in English restaurants they call arugula "rocket" as in salads. (Eruca sativa (syn. E. vesicaria subsp. sativa (Miller) Thell., Brassica eruca L.), is an edible annual plant, commonly known as rocket (roquette) or arugula)

Thus endeth our lesson for today.

Someone pass the coffee.

There is a big ramp festival every year (the original ramp festival) in Richwood, WV. If anyone who has eaten ramps comes within a 50 yard radius of where you are, you will know it.

I saw the Perennial Wild Onions open for the Clancy Brothers.

This is my favorite mug shot of anyone, ever.

I think alcohol was involved in more than just this event. He looks like a classic case of fetal alcohol syndrome.

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