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May 10, 2011


Time to start shopping.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Here's a YouTube video:


BTW, the "floating power unit" is 200 HP.

Or strap a hundred bottles of Mentos infused Diet Coke to your back.

Old news. I had a water-powered rocket back in the fifties. It was made of plastic that probably had a greater elasticity than most plastics do.
You pumped it up and then pushed a button or pulled a trigger (give me a break-do you know how long ago that was? It was [hums under my breath while doing the calculations]...a LONG TIME ago). Then it shot WAY up into the air while narrowly missing your eyes.
They were probably banned by the Safety Police in Charge of Eliminating Fun.

Steve, we'd launch those rockets and then try to hit them with lawn darts.

I think I'll just wait for my flying car.

bonmot, LAWN DARTS??? And you didn't lose an eye???

We had Lawn Darts, too, until that night there was a knock on the door...
"Safety Police!"
(Just kidding)

I played lawn darts at my grandmother's house all the time as a kid, and I never lost an eye; I still have all four of them!

looks pretty cool but i've watched Mythbusters do something like this, bottles of cola and mentos!

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