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May 31, 2011


An elephant flips a car.

(Thanks to jeff Matthews)


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I realize this is an important story Dave (or should I say, it's a slow news cycle with nothing going on) but this is old - I'm sure I wasn't the only one to send this in months ago when it happened.


I was sure Jeff musth have sent this in.

It really seemed to regard the car as a female elephant and was making advances to 'her'
Typical guy.

Elephant version of "Get off my lawn".

Maybe I'll send this story in later.

I hope the rental agreement insurance covered elephant attacks.

When I was a bus driver, we called this right-of-way by tonnage.

I suspect J. Meyerson sent this in months ago.

As I told my girls when they started driving, "Never argue with a semi (or and elephant). Even if you win, you lose."

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