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May 23, 2011


C'mon, smell my toilet.


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'Smell the Roses' WBAGNFA Crapture Update

I used to "smell the toilet" after a long night of drinking when I was in college.

Ah, the good old days when you could invite someone to sniff your Kohler. Now they'd come in and swipe your beer, Viagra, flatscreen, and murbans.

I have the cleanest and the nicest smelling xxxx in the neighborhood. If anybody doesn't believe me, ring my doorbell and you can smell my xxxx.

Inset words of your choice to replace xxxx

I always print out and take these classic columns home to the little lady. she will read and and say, hhmmphhhhh, I don't get it. I almost died from laughing reading "Guide to Guys" and she read about a third of it and put it down. She is a strange person. Yes this is the same woman who won't let me put up pink flamingos in the yard.

*waits patiently for Dave's version of a comedic rapture, where everyone who 'gets' his humor leaves their lives behind and meets up at a bar*

Ah, China. So important.

As a youth I remember that mushrooms would pop up at times underneath our comode. I don't think we ate them. Nor did we smell our comode.

if you don't wnat to come in, i can bring the scent to you, just wait a sec... here, pull my finger...

Well....maybe if it looked like this.

I don't like drop in company. If they rang my doorbell and asked to smell my toilet, I would ring their bell. And I don't mean in a good way. Now, get off my lawn!


For Siouxie!! Happy, Happy Birthday! Now you can buy your box o'wine legally. This guy said he would happy to come by and help you with your cake.

Happy natalday Sio. Fer yew.

Happy Birthday Siouxie!

ahem, not the most appropriate spot for one so special, butt:

Happy Birthday anyway, Siouxie!
(always welcome in my jacuzzi....)

'another year down the toilet'

Thank you, sweet people!!! I heart you all!!

LOL Sandy...I'm flushed with joy!

Dave, toilets are fine; but as long as we are talking about your shift from topics of importance, when was the last time you did a booger column? Ah, I long for the good old days.

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