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May 26, 2011


Warning: Walking on a Florida street may be dangerous

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Just verifies what I've always said. Too much exercise (translation:any exercise) CAN kill you. Why take the chance?

I wonder how many of the people hit in Florida use walkers.

I don't know how you (Florida) people walk around with in those things.

How about knee-walking in South Beach, then?

Boston? Well, only if you can dodge the construction and killer drivers.

well, albany isnt dangerous, whew. its too boring!

In New York you're mostly safe to walk as long as you stay away from the Queensboro Bridge Off-Ramp of Doom.

And those pesky taxis that crash into buildings.

Boston actually has a great set up for walkers. And the Freedom Trail is a must-do.

Isn't "Dangerous by Design" the state motto?

Apparently the Disney people have been trying to change it. The state understandably rejected their efforts.

So Disney used "The Happiest Place on Earth" as the
Disney Motto. But think a minute...doesn't that almost describe a graveyard? Most people there have
no problems, which in Disney-speak is "happiness".

Speaking of Disney, did you see where they tried to copyright "SEAL Team 6" for a future production?


Jeff, good catch!

You forgot to mention other types of "taxi dangers"
in and around the Big Apple:

fire cab--cabs that explode in fire

Cash Cab-where you get kidnapped, urged to play a quiz game and are finally, an hour later released.

Hollywood stunt taxi-chases and crashes!

Fortunately in my little town this isn't a problem. I can think of only about 4 pedestrians that have been hit by cars in the last several years. However your chances of getting stuck behind a tractor are very high. Especially if you are on a two lane road and are in a hurry.

btw, I am slightly miffed with you people in Florida. We've just found out, here in Shelby, that your Mouse has escaped and is setting up office space here. We'll take Mickey and Minnie but, Goofy has to stay put. We have enough problems. If they start piping "It's A Small World After All" out where the general public hears it, I'm moving.

Those aren't really walkers - they're guardrails.

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