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May 27, 2011


Naked man crashes truck into house, tenant fights off man with hammer

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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The man was naked, and he had a hammer? I'm never moving to Maine.

The guy was [Comment deletedd for improper "stick shift" reference.]

Some people get naked men at their houses, I get Jehovah's Witnesses. Not fair! Sharkie, email me the deleted comment would you?
*takes 'd' off Sharkie's stick shift*

Headline writers ain't what they used to be. Shoulda been Police Say Tenant With Hammer Started Hitting Man, Naked, With Aforementioned Hammer, After Man (N.B. "After" Refers To Action Related In This Story, Not What Police Say) Tried To Crash Truck Into House, Mistakenly Hitting Wrong House, Occupied By Tenant With Aforementioned Hammer.

As Forrest says, "Hammered is as hammered does."

Judi? Just Some Guy gave me a headache!

Hutchins is facing several charges, including assault and operating under the influence.

Good thing we wasn't a doctor. (Operating under the influence.)

Eli was hammered twice.

Cindy, my wife keeps getting those headaches. It must be going around.

Pain In Head Area Suffered and Described As "Headache" By Nursecindy After (Temporally) Said Headache Caused, Allegedly, By Reading (By Said Nurse) of Previous Comment

Machetes can cause headaches, too. Just sayin....

What a country! In America, some guy gives you headache. In Soviet Russia, headache gives you just some guy!

I can only hope he said something like this when he stepped out of the truck.

That reminds me of that Disney ride: " Drunken Naked men of the Caribbean. "

or "Country Bare Jamboree"

*takes two more aspirin and SMACKS Just Some Guy*

When I was in college an acquaintance, who might have consumed too much alcohol drove his car through the window of one of those half basement apartments in the building where he lived. Just his luck it was inhabited by football players who made it clear to him his chances of survival were much better if he waited in what was left of his vehicle until the police arrived.

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