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April 27, 2011


Justin Bieber dental floss.

(Thanks to Michael Frixen)


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Um...no I don't.

I'd rather have the Toothy Toby Tiger Brush Buddy.

Is the Beeber flashin' a gang sign?


tooth fairies will <3 it


And he is a Canadian...pleeezee, for the love of God, put him wherever you folks have stashed Celine. We will even take Manilow as exchange...

We are a small but rich country..we do not need distractions like this.

He must be the last Canadian with teeth! (Been watching a lot of stanley Cup lately)

Long time no see Afkat! Nice to see you back. I'm sorry but we are having enough trouble keeping Celine Dion from singing "My Heart Will Go On" to take on Justin Bieber right now. If we take Bieber he and Celine could team up and sing a duet which would cause untold mayhem here and in France. I don't even want to think about what would happen if Celine, Justin, and Manilow teamed up and recorded a song together.

Wait a minute, Bieber sings?
I had no idea why he was famous.
That is it, isn't it?

bieber floss? What marketing potential.

But it's not available until July. Will he still have a career?

I don't want to think about little girls putting Justin Beiber anything in their mouths.

Waxed...? Too much information.

Yeah right.

55 yards of it. Too bad it's all in 1 inch lengths.

*snork* @ sandy.

Why is there no Barry Manilow singing toothbrush to drown out the Bieber version?

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