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April 29, 2011


Leaking Mass. house dials 911 for help

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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If you have a leaking mass you should see a doctor.

Talk about a housing bubble.

Sorta lends an eerie note to the concept of "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

*hopes this isn't near mianus mass*

"Leaking in Marblehead." Sounds like a geriatric p0rno. Is it, Meanie?

Near Salem, eh? I suspect a witch.

Lots of ghosts in Marblehead...I suspect an old sea Captain.

Isn't Marblehead near Gayhead? NTTAWWT

Yup, and you're looking good as ever .....

Oooh, snap! *Snork/smack @ Meanie the Curious Blue!*

The house also dialed Domino's for dinner...by the way, it did not like their new chicken, so the house checked the applicable square on the front of the box.

Good one, Meanie! I mean,*SMACKS* Meanie.

meanie scored p0rn?

No, bon. Gayhead is on Martha's Vineyard. Marblehead is on the North Shore. About as far away as two places in MA can get.

So Gayhead's close to Provincetown? That sounds about right.

Just keep it away from me.

Salem, bon' ... ? I have an ancestor who wuz hanged there once ... really ... where better for a witch to hang out? Or to be hunted?

If I don't clean pretty soon my house is going to call a maid.

Amityville's northern cousin.

"His cousin, William Cowen, said he's not worried."

Sounds like a real Athol.

A house with a driver's license?
Is it a...trailer?
What? You thought I'd say, "Mobile home"?

Sometime in the next few weeks we are going to get a story about this guy's water bill for the last few months being over $10,000

The preferred nomenclature nowadays, Steve, would be "RV" ... which is verbal shorthand (? - oxymoronical phrase? - I dunno) for "Motor Home" ...

Wonderin' if it's a gasoline or a ... diesel ... NTTAWWT ...

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