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April 28, 2011


Superman has renounced his US citizenship.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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We're gonna need a bigger fence.

If he thinks he can get out of paying taxes that easily he needs to think again.

Clark Kent pays the taxes, Supes just flies around and boffs Lois. Clark is SUCH a loser.

I thought he was a Canadian!

He wasn't born in the USA. He wasn't even born on earth (Krypton). I'm no lawyer but I think that makes him an illegal alien.

Look at those eyes. Hollow. spacy. I think he's on

The words "liquid kryptonite" popped up.

Has he been "experimenting"? Or did he get doused?
Sounds more like a comic book marketing ploy. He did
die once then come back, did he not?

Not that I necessarily disagree, US policy is messed up. But since when was Supes ever "political"?

sometimes super-hereos egos are just too damn big...

He'll probably take on some Frenchman as a sidekick and surrender next.

padraig, Superman definitely isn't boffing Lois.

Also, the birthers must hate Kal-El with a passion!

May his baggy tights fly off in mid-flight.

I understand he's being paid in Yuan now. This does not bode well...

Comic book writers have been getting clownier and clownier since I was a kid. Maybe it's a red kryptonite episode.

Come back, Superman! It was just a plaque.

Renouncing his U.S. citizenship (if he has it) will not cancel the fact that Superman has been illegally entering the U.S. for years; I've never seen him stop at Customs. Does he even have a passport?

The State Department can tie this up in knots for years; you have to prove U.S. citizenship before you can renounce it, and you can't renounce it in the U.S.

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