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April 04, 2011


But we can't affort to take chances.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"Dr. Richard (Dick) Chopp..."

You can't make this stuff up.

John Wayne Bobbitt's personal physician?

hmmm. is he familiar with that famous gyno dr. zoltan ovary? you can look him up. really.

He specializes in vasectomies. Shocking.

This is part of the reason that medical people in a hurry yell "STAT!" instead of "CHOP CHOP!"

You forgot to mention his partner, Dr. Wang.

Did anyone else Dr Hardeman and Dr Wang in that practice, also?!!!

He appears to enjoy his work.

Ooh, you can schedule appts online!
*dusts off black book*

Renal Service must be an adjunct to the Pees Corps.

I need his services, too bad he's so far away.

He was a special fellow in the late 1970s and then he went to Valhalla.

Vasectomies..just a hop and a Chop!!!

Austin could use a few more vasectomies.

I used to work with a urologist who, just before injecting lidocaine for a vasectomy, would say, "You're going to feel a little prick."

One day a patient answered, "You're the one feeling the little prick."

And they all seem very, very happy, except, of course, Dr. Les Wang

Good one Layzeeboy.

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