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April 25, 2011


Police called to investigate noise find lone jiggling vibrator

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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Finally an answer to the age old question: If a vibrator turns itself on and no one is around does it still make a sound?

Tragically, the blog police censored my photo of Barry Manilow. This would NOT have happened before Dave caved and went to his concert. And was captured by Manilow magic. At the Copa.

Copa? Copacabana?

Which is creepier: the shape of the vibrator, or that strange smile of the woman holding it for the camera?


*throws large, noisy vibrator at spammer*

"You could hear the noise out in the street"

I can only imagine the volume then when the device is being used properly.


This has got to be the greatest product endorsement ever.

I am almost afraid just knowing they make those things that are that loud and that shape. I do not think I would want to meet the owner of that.

A new meaning to "auto-erotic" with emphasis on the

private note to Siouxie...do you have the make and model of this one? Please?

Punkin wants to know.

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