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April 28, 2011


"Unit 36 responding."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Chasing down the Hamburglar.

(Mmmm. BLT.)

nyuk nyuk

They should pair up with C.H.I.P.s

Do these folks accept off-duty missions? I'd like them to take on the alarming number of criminal restaurants that don't know a Reuben is a sandwich with bread on the top, not one of these stupid, pansy "open-faced" abominations.

They can have my excessive mayonnaise when they wipe it off my cold, sticky fingers.

rye humor

Can't wait for the TV show - Sandwich Police: Cold Cuts Files

"Spread 'em"

They've got an APB on the Panini Brothers.

That's not an APB, Siouxie, it's a PBJ.

Darn, I can't find a picture of a police car from this department.

*Whooop-Whoop-Whooooooop* On our way!

I hope y'all are happy. Now I'm hungry.

Somebody else bring the lettuce and tomatoes.

Cheese it. The pigs.

Do you know why I stopped? You were doing corned beef in a pastrami zone.

Pastrami on white with mayo - now that's a felony! (Recalling Annie Hall).

How do you plead? No condiments, your Honor.

Speeding? But officer, I was only trying to catsup to everyone else!

I smell bacon.
For very special injuries.

That would be a Bay State town.
We also have towns named Shirley and Sharon.
Always good for a laugh to see a town limits sign that says "Entering Shirley"

We also have a town named Athol.

some guys like to help themselves

They probably mace you with chipotle-spray.

PP - I recently stopped in Sharon for gas and a sandwich. I learned the term "bulky," as opposed to a hoagie. Very quaint town.

pokerplayer, here in PA there are signs that say "Welcome to Intercourse." Always reminded me of prom night.

@Pokerplayer: We used to sell Athol furniture.
" What kind of table is that ? "
" Athol "

There's also a town named Holden.
"Do you know Dick Hertz from Holden?"

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