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April 04, 2011


Remember Rev. Al?
Well, the Blog is happy to report that Rev. Al is still out there handling the Lord's Accounts Receivable.


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Isn't that special.

Judi, this update is from 15 years ago. Don't you have any current info on Reverend Al's whereabouts?

no, but if two comments is all this gets, perhaps no one is interested in dave's vintage column links any more? just wonderin'...

Elon - look at the 2nd post on the first link....

Judi, I love the vintage columns. Please don't stop posting them. *SMACKS* Elon. Unfortunately scammers like Rev. Al have only increased. Except for my Nigerian Prince/Uncle who is going to send me a lot of money.

Any story featuring an attack cow gets my attention.

I should also confess that the term "Dave's vintage column" makes me giggle.

OMIGAWD! Check it out!


Elon - my post (the 2nd one down on the first link listed, states:
Rev Al is still in Fresno. He also appears to be on Mysp@ce. Although when I clicked on a photo of him, my pc immediately became infected with the computer equivalent of carpenter bees - flashing red boxes, warning, warning, danger, Will Robinson, etc. IANMTU. Had to reboot to escape Rev Al's powerful tractor beam o' love.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | March 21, 2011 at 11:55 AM

My wife is a Christian, in contrast to me (I prefer the honorable term "Heathen"). She wonders about the TV preachers who, as she says, "If they believe what they're preaching, they should be scared to death".
But hypocrisy is phenomenally blind.

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